Automation testing is one of the software testing techniques. In which with the help of tools and scripts, a test is performed by predefined actions. In the current digital world, we don’t have time to do anything manually we wish to have everything in our hands within seconds in this blog we will see when we can say yes to automation testing!


The main goal of automation testing is to complete the test execution in a less amount of time. Manual testing consumes more time for example when there is a change in their application the tester needs to run all the test cases from the beginning which in turn delays the process In this case we can choose automated testing for the software testing which is significantly faster so that the process can be completed within the given time.


The possibility of human errors in automation testing is 0!

Automation testing is less prone to errors compared to manual testing In this case, if we choose automation testing we can complete the test performance with fewer / zero errors.


  • In certain cases tests cannot be performed manually at that time we can use automated testing which will be more useful for example: Exploratory tests(it can be u UX tests, UI tests, API tests)
  • Automated testing allows reducing the risks and avoids potential failure.
  • During the automation testing, your QA team can spend their time on those parts of your software product which require manual testing. The department will work more efficiently since they won’t have to do the same things again and again – this stuff will be covered by automated testing You can say yes to automation when you wanted to load test your product. For accurately testing load and performance, there is really no manual alternative.

In advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing, automation testing can help to save time. GUI tests detect and track behavior differences between different web browsers, operating systems, devices, etc.

If you find that the same features are constantly being added or the same operations executed repeatedly, then the flexibility of automated tests can be a great time-saving solution.

Automated testing has many more benefits in all aspects to save time and to reduce human errors. It’s more comfortable to use automated testing when there is no other manual alternative. As almost everything is changing into automated using automated testing reduces our work in half.

What does At Test in Automation Testing?

At Test is an innovative testing company specialized in automation testing. We strive to provide the best solutions for our customers and their businesses with the help of our cutting-edge technology and cost-effective services. Our aim is to reduce manual testing time, find bugs quicker and improve the quality of software systems with quick feedback cycles. We offer comprehensive testing solutions across various domains such as web applications, mobile applications, mobile games and cloud-based products. Our proficient professionals are highly experienced in providing end to end automated test coverage that includes functional, regression, performance and usability tests while keeping costs low.