Have you ever come across the word quality assurance? If so do you know the best software testing services out there? Let’s get into the blog to gain more knowledge about them.

When a brand comes up with a new product with their design and specifications. The merchandising team finds the best way it can be sourced and there comes the quality assurance team. “The Best quality assurance testing services” makes sure that the product is technically feasible and fit for purpose.

A quality assurance company in Coimbatore makes sure that the final product meets the organization’s standards across the board. They work on the maintenance of intended quality level in the products right from the very beginning of the production process.

Software Testing focuses on preventing defects from arising they assist a company in developing goods and services that fulfil consumers demands!

Any software project has three vital aspects that are cost ,time and quality so the prime objective of any project is to get a quality output while reducing the cost and the time required for completing the project but how is that achieved ?

Through software testing! There are two main categories of testing:

  1. Manual testing services:
  • Means testing of an application manually by human action.
  1. Automated testing services:
  • An automated testing service uses the assistance of tools and Scripts to perform test by predefined actions.

Both the software testing services offer benefits and disadvantage its worth knowing the difference and when to use one or other for best reasons which will be discussed here:

Manual testing requires tester’s knowledge, creativity, analytical skills and experience.


  • It is low cost investment it doesn’t require any costly tools or high level skills to perform.
  • It is adaptability to change it can be used to test an application immediately after implementing the changes.


  • Understand the requirement
  • Write the test cases
  • Conduct the tests
  • Log good bug reports
  • Report the results


  • Time consuming:- Every time when there is a change in the application the tester needs to run all the test cases from the beginning which is really time consuming compared to automated testing.
  • Possibility of errors: There is a high possibility of errors because manual testing is fully dependent on humans.
  • Testing limitations: – Manual testing is not good for load and performance testing to check the performance of an application there’s a requirement of a large numbers of users and gadgets. The moment gadgets comes in it is automated testing and not manual anymore so it has certain limitations.

Automated testing involves testers who write code / test scripts to automate test execution “the goal is to complete test execution in a less amount of time”.


  • Automated testing is significantly faster when directly compared to manual testing.
  • It pays off well because the ROI is better for the long term.
  • Automated testing is very robust and reliable as the task is carried out by various tools and scripts.
  • Automated testing is very well suited for regression testing, load testing, highly repeatable functional test cases and more.
  • It helps in building verification and testing which are integral to the develops of life cycle


  • Automation testing involves spending a bigger amount upfront!
  • Automated has a small disadvantage because scripts need to be changed completely if there is a UI change.
  • Few tools are not supportive on all platforms which will end-up testers to either do manually or maintains multiple tools for a single project.

The software testing company in Coimbatore assures the customers to give them the best quality of software testing services.

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